The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Stan Lee // Steve Ditko
March 1963
A-story: **** // B-story: ****
Peter Parker cracks wise as he performs preposterous acts, but he’s driven by anxiety. He has every reason to turn to crime: no money, no friends, rejected by guest-stars the Fantastic Four. Even when he rescues an astronaut mid-flight or catches a Red super-spy, he’s vilified by the NYC press.
[last issue: Amazing Fantasy #15]
[next issue: The Amazing Spider-Man #2]

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One Response to “The Amazing Spider-Man #1”

  1. The Fantastic Four #12 | Index Indigo Says:

    […] clash. So the Hulk, near cancellation, gets to guest star while the FF cameo in Spider-Man’s #1! The quartet clear Banner’s monster, accused of sabotaging SDI tests. But the prize […]

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