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Wonder Man #8

October 29, 2010

Gerard Jones // Jeff Johnson
April 1992
Part 11 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
In deep space, WM & Vision convince a crew not to smuggle a sci-fi superbomb into enemy territory. Jones means well, but his attempt to moralize on the calculus of war is clumsy: his argument for conscientious objection lacks conviction, even as soap operatics muddy & trivialize the conversation.
[continued from Quasar #33]
[continued in The Avengers #346]
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Quasar #33

October 27, 2010

Mark Gruenwald // Rurik Tylor
April 1992
Part 10 of “Operation:  Galactic Storm”
Guest artist Tyler’s JR Jr. style fits w/ G-wald’s gee-whiz tone. While the Avengers establish diplo relations w/ the Shi’ar, Quasar probes the theft of the late Capt. Marvel’s power bands. Q has a superhero’s clumsiness, crashing thru deep space & butting heads w/ three interchangeable superteams.
[continued from Avengers West Coast #81]
[continued in Wonder Man #8]
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Avengers West Coast #81

October 26, 2010

Roy & Dann Thomas // Dave Ross
April 1992
Part 9 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
Avengers epic  “Galactic Storm” visits the home front, where lose their Shi’ar prisoners & Kree power bracers (the keys to a super-weapon). It’s a rare crossover that focuses more on good storytelling than craven profiteering. Even mediocre issues like this one push the story along.
[continued from Captain America #399]
[continued in Quasar #33]
[last issue: Avengers West Coast #80]
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Captain America #399

October 25, 2010

A-plot: Mark Gruenwald // Rik Levins
April 1992
A-story: ***
Part 8 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
Gruenwald pads out the Avengers crossover space opera, sending Cap & co. scrambling around the Kree homeworld. The plot treads water & there’s no arc to speak of. But MG’s capable writing stages a clash of personalities btw. Cap & Iron Man and smart aerial hand-to-hand combat btw. Cap & a superalien.
[continued from The Mighty Thor #445]
[continued in Avengers West Coast #81]
[last issue: Captain America #398]
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The Mighty Thor #445

October 24, 2010

Tom DeFalco // Pat Olliffe
March 1992
Part 7 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
Clumsy quips, hammy dialogue, & a focus on fisticuffs make this issue a low point in an otherwise solid space-opera crossover. Thor’s fight w/ a Shi’ar Superman lacks imagination. And the creators muffle key plot points—like the reveal that shape-shifting Skrulls are behind the Kree-Shi’ar War.
[continued from Iron Man #278]
[continued in Captain America #399]
[last issue: The Mighty Thor #444]
[next issue: The Mighty Thor #446]

Iron Man #278

October 23, 2010

Lee Kaminsky // Paul Ryan
March 1992
Part 6 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
On an Avengers peacekeeping mission to the Kree Empire, Iron Man proves his worth. He hacks an alien computer, wrestles a robot sentinel in zero-g, & usurps Captain America’s rank by favoring discretion over valor. The dialogue is wretched (esp. for the guest Avengers), the art’s serviceable.
[continued from The Avengers #345]
[continued in  The Mighty Thor #445]
[last issue: Iron Man #277]
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The Avengers #345

October 22, 2010

Bob Harras // Steve Epting
March 1992
Part 5 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
The Kree-Shi’ar War is destabilizing our sun by using our system as a hyperspace bypass. So every Avenger is mobilized for one front or another. Harras delivers the ham that good space opera needs, but as always, he fails to harmonize an ensemble of voices or bring authenticity to the action.
[continued from Wonder Man #7]
[continued in Iron Man #278]
[last issue: The Avengers #344]
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Wonder Man #7

October 21, 2010

Gerard Jones // Jeff Johnson
March 1992
Part 4 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
A belligerent Kree soldier keeps swapping places w/ Rick Jones (Marvel’s official sidekick) by using an old set of alien power braces. But Wonder Man uses crack timing to subdue the villain. Tho’ it’s an issue in a big crossover, G. Jones keeps the  tone light & the focus on our irrascable hero.
[continued from Quasar #32]
[continued in The Avengers #345]
[last issue: Wonder Man #6]
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Quasar #32

October 20, 2010

Mark Gruenwald // Greg Capullo
March 1992
Part 3 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
Despite a wonky bit of pacing, Gruenwald segues smoothly into the Kree-Shi’ar War while keeping the mag’s plots aboil. Q zips around the solar system investigating alien activity on behalf of the Avengers & finds a Kree soldier exhuming the tomb of 1960s Captain Marvel for his nega-bands.
[continued from Avengers West Coast #80]
[continued in Wonder Man #7]
[last issue: Quasar #31]
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Avengers West Coast #80

October 19, 2010

Roy & Dann Thomas // Dave Ross
March 1992
Part 2 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
Thomas helps to launch a sequel to his classic “Kree-Skrull War” epic (& other details of Marvel history—Roy’s happiest when he’s patching old plotlines into new stories). Captain America leads the WCAs into a skirmish w/ a giant robot while alien (Shi’ar) operatives swipe a Kirbytech maguffin.
[continued from Captain America #398]
[continued in Quasar #32]
[last issue: Avengers West Coast #79]
[next issue: Avengers West Coast #81]

Captain America #398

October 18, 2010

A-plot: Mark Gruenwald // Rik Levins
March 1992
A-story: ***
Part 1 of “Operation: Galactic Storm”
Perennial sidekick Rick Jones dreams an apocalyptic prophecy implanted by the Kree Intelligence (that floating green head). But eagle-eyed Marvelites will note that he’s attacked by a Shi’ar warrior, not a Kree. Once again, Rick’s a patsy in an intergalactic war (see The Kree-Skrull War).
[continued in Avengers West Coast #80]
[last issue: Captain America #397]
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