Annihilation: Ronan #4 of 4

Annihilation - Ronan 4 of 4Simon Furman // Jorge Lucas
September 2006

An aspirant to godhead burns himself out by using his world-shaping energy to destroy the swarm of space bugs. So Ronan fails to clear his rep but vows to warn the Kree Empire anyway. The strongest mini in the metaseries, Ronan feeds its drive & suspense into next month’s Annihilation series.

last issue: Annihilation: Ronan #3 of 4
continued in Annihilation #1 of 6

also indexed for Sept. ’06
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Annihilation: Silver Surfer #4 of 4
Annihilation: Super-Skrull #4 of 4
Civil War #3 of 7
Nextwave, Agents of HATE #7


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