Annihilation: Conquest: Star-Lord #4 of 4

Annihilation Conquest Starlord 4 of 4Keith Giffen // Timothy Green II
December 2007

As if to make up for the slack pace of A:C:Star-Lord #2, Giffen cuts from scene to scene, showing the essential beats but not the combat. The plot’s a little hairy (why would a techno-organic species create an antidote to itself? Can the Uni-power function independently?) but the space opera works.

last issue: Annihilation: Conquest: Star-Lord #3 of 4
continued in Annihilation: Conquest #1 of 6

also indexed for Dec. ’07
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Annihilation: Conquest: Wraith #4 of 4
The Immortal Iron Fist #11
Nova #7

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