War of Kings: Ascension #1 of 4

War of Kings - Ascension 1 of 4Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning // Wellinton Alves
June 2009

At first, this sequel to the Darkhawk mini seems to riff on Star Wars tropes of an ancient galactic society now nearly extinct, & of a young hero following his destiny. But DnA throw a nice set of curveballs: the society is actually a Machiavellian cabal & the hero’s power-armor overwrites his body!

continued from War of Kings: Darkhawk #2 of 2
next issue: War of Kings: Ascension #2 of 4

also indexed for Jun. ’09
Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #2 of 5
Guardians of the Galaxy #13
Nova #24
War of Kings #2 of 6

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