Daredevil #7

Daredevil 007Kevin Smith // Joe Quesada
May 1999

An expository monologue from the mystery villain, Mysterio. In a sense, he’s Smith’s surrogate: a movie industry man, an interloper (from Spidey’s mag, in M’s case), manipulator of the plot. So it’s nicely neurotic that DD defeats him w/ a negative review! But why kill off a classic Ditko creation?

last issue: Daredevil #6
next issue: Daredevil #8

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2 Responses to “Daredevil #7”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Mysterio was probably my favorite classic Spidey bad guy, so I was probably even more upset about his death than Karen Page. Luckily, his master of illusion motif has allowed him to shrug off this finale as just another special effect in Slott’s Spider-Man.

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      I fell behind on Slott’s Spidey, and now I’m way too daunted by its length to catch up anytime soon. But I’m not surprised that he’d resurrect Mysterio—and glad to hear it!

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