Daredevil #116

Daredevil 116Ed Brubaker // David Aja
April 2009

Tho’ atypical, this may be the best issue of Ed B’s DD run. Aja subs for Lark, less cinematic & more comic in his layouts. He elevate the best-of-run script: a one-off on ninjas v. Kingpin, whose rage is as the ocean. Bru writes the villain’s voice far better than he does the mag’s mopey protag.

last issue: Daredevil #115
next issue: Daredevil #117

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3 Responses to “Daredevil #116”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Love this issue, and it got me hype for Return of the King, which delivered. Your opinion on Bru/Lark’s run has mirrored mine quite a bit: classic opening story, very good Paris stuff, unfortunate Milla fridging, kinda boring middle part with Mr. Fear and Melvin Potter, revitalized interest with ninjas, Lady Bullseye, not-Stick, and Kingpin.

  2. Aaron Strange Says:

    Yeah, the Mr. Fear arc was long. Its problem wasn’t just the fridging of Milla either, it was that Brubaker was rolling back all of Bendis’ innovations. I agree that the final arc is gangbusters, & that’s cuz he’s breaking new ground.

    And as per your request, next up: Waid/Wieringo’s FF!

  3. jeremy09 Says:

    Great news, as its a great run and a good shift from a 100+ issues of Bendis/Bru dark-gritty Daredevil.

    And just know that even though I don’t comment much, I always visit this site once a week and enjoy your pithy write-ups quite a bit. Keep up the good work, Aaron!

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