Fantastic Four #510

Fantastic Four 510Mark Waid // Mike Wieringo
April 2004

To save Ben Grimm, Reed launches his team into Heaven itself (imagined beautifully by Wieringo as a psyche-scape of surreal imagery). It’s a surprise to take FF in that cosmic direction—Waid isn’t exactly Dante, or even Alan Moore—but given the centrality of Hell to Marvel & his run, it’s kosher.

last issue: Fantastic Four #509
next issue: Fantastic Four #511

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2 Responses to “Fantastic Four #510”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Man, you really gotta do Alan Moore Swamp Thing one of these days!

    and just wait til you meet God in the next issue

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      For no good reason, I’ve been sticking to Marvel on this index. But I haven’t read that run in a long time!

      I spent some time near my old longboxes over vacation, however, & pulled out a few other runs from over a decade ago. I’m curious to read whether the Age of Apocalypse & X-Statix have stood the test of time!

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