The Uncanny X-Men #319

Uncanny X-Men 319Scott Lobdell // Steve Epting
December 1993

Lobdell’s strongest (relatively speaking) when he avoids super-action to concentrate on soap. In #319, he continues his curious rehab of normcore X-Man Bobby Drake, w/ a visit to his bigoted family. In parallel (!), Xavier converses w/ his comatose son on the astral plane, setting up the next X-over.

last issue: The Uncanny X-men #318
next issue: The Uncanny X-Men #320

also indexed for Dec. ’93
X-Factor #109


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2 Responses to “The Uncanny X-Men #319”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    oh man, how of these 90s X-Comics do you have planned

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      Oh god, just the Age of Apocalypse run—about 35 issues. I found them in the longboxes at my parents’ home over the holidays. These seemed like the only ones worth rereading; I recycled the rest!

      Generally for the last year+, I’ve been reviewing my collection to winnow it out. Thus the Thunderbolts & Daredevil runs in 2014. So hold tight: after this I plan to review a few cool ’00s minis, X-Statix, & Runaways!

      And after that (spring? summer?), I’d like to head back to the Silver Age!

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