Marvel Boy #1 of 6

Marvel Boy 1 of 6Grant Morrison // J.G. Jones
August 2000

An angry teen alien crashlands on Earth—a mod revision of the Superboy archetype in the trendy widescreen fashion. A rare Marvel mag by Morrison, MB is swollen w/ his stylistic hyper-density (the hero’s a super-Kree ensign from an alt dimension). Likewise, Jones stuffs his panels w/ great designs.

next issue: Marvel Boy #2 of 6

also indexed for Aug. ’00
Avengers #31


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2 Responses to “Marvel Boy #1 of 6”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    This comic was my every thing back in the day as an angry, rebellious teenage. Kirby tech and Hollywood blockbuster thrills for the new millennium. Saving the world and listening to speed metal and writing FUCK YOU DAD on your math notebook. Jim Steranko and Bill Sienkiewicz references abound. Its blatantly written for smart angry teens; all the bad guys are cops, evil corporations, your girlfriend’s evil dad, and humanity itself.

    To this date I still blame Bill Jemas for cancelling Marvel Boy 2/3

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      Aside from random, non-sequential issues of The Invisibles, this was the first work of Morrison’s that I read. And I haven’t read it since, so this should be interesting!

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