X-Force #128

X-Force 128Peter Milligan // Mike Allred
July 2002

As foreshadowed, one of the heroes gets killed in action, tho’ the creative team expertly wring tension & drama from feints & red herrings. Even better, Allred lays out several lovely pages—not just Edie’s death scene or funeral either. In a nice contrast to #116, this death is genuinely moving.

last issue: X-Force #127
next issue: X-Force #129

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2 Responses to “X-Force #128”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    In retrospect, X-Force #125’s cover is really funny, since the finger is pointing DIRECTLY at Edie.

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      Good point, I hadn’t noticed! The covers for X-Force/X-Statix are fantastic throughout the run. This issue & the next may be the worst, relatively! I love several of the Not-Princess-Di issues, but I think #125 may be my favorite. Although I also like the Kirby-esque #121.

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