Wolverine/Doop #1 of 2

Wolverine-Doop 1 of 2Peter Milligan // Darwyn Cooke
early July 2003

Like last month’s fill-in, July sees an irregular X-Statix. Milligan abandons the pop satire for a gonzo mini focusing on Doop, the team’s alien-fonted potato monster. He & old pal Wolverine drink hard as they search for a pink mink (as in ‘stole’) that has mutant powers of bewitchment!

continued from X-Statix #10
next issue: Wolverine/Doop #2 of 2

also indexed for Jul. ’02
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Daredevil #47
Fantastic Four #69
New X-Men #141
Wolverine/Doop #2 of 2

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2 Responses to “Wolverine/Doop #1 of 2”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    One of the strangest damn stories I think Marvel has ever put out

    I’m still stunned at the artists they got on this run. Allred draws most of it, and when he doesn’t, the FILL-IN ARTISTS are all-time greats like Darwyn Cooke, Paul Pope, and Phillip Bond.

    Meanwhile, Morrison has rushed Igor Kordley pencils

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      I agree completely! I wish Duncan Fegredo (X-Force #129) had been on New X-Men, since he & Morrison had worked together before.

      I think this mini is the high point of the X-Statix run. It’s just so bonkers & so beautiful. Marvel was really onto something in this era.

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