Wolverine/Doop #2 of 2

Wolverine-Doop 2 of 2Peter Milligan // Darwyn Cooke
late July 2003

Wolvie & Doop fight a big-game hunter of cryptozoology—then do it w/ a sexy femme fatale & her pink stole!? This gonzo comics pastiche of Spillane-style detection is wonderfully surreal, its tongue-in-cheek plot perfectly suited to Cooke’s ’50s lounge-style art; his Wolvie has Dean Martin’s nose & hair!

last issue: Wolverine/Doop #1 of 2
continued in X-Statix #11

also indexed for Jul. ’03
Alias #22
Daredevil #47
Fantastic Four #69
New X-Men #141
Wolverine/Doop #1 of 2


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