X-Statix #14

X-Statix 14Peter Milligan // Mike Allred
November 2003

The heroes rescue the ersatz Princess Diana and see her usurp their trademark superstar egotism with her superceleb status. Frankly I’m curious about her approach to heroism, since this satire has run its course. Plus Spidey’s guest appearance is disappointing, esp. his too Kirby-like rendering by Allred.

last issue: X-Statix #13
next issue: X-Statix #15

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2 Responses to “X-Statix #14”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Run started to come off the rails here, right down to the covers jumping from “Part 1” to “Part 3”

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      No, that’s my mistake. I put the cover for #15 in, so I’ve gone ahead and corrected it.

      But to your larger point. I think the editorial interference was a real shame. But ignoring that, this arc seems like X-Statix’ last hurrah. I felt it’s lacked focus & momentum since U-Go Girl’s death & the renaming. The Lady Di arc, in this sense, is a return to form before the end.

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