Secret Avengers #2

Secret Avengers 02Ed Brubaker // Mike Deodato
August 2010

Spelunking on Mars, the team uncover a dig excavated by mind-controlled humans & directed by Lovecraft aliens. Sadly, the fashionable creative team plays to their weaknesses: a cast of spandex physiques all speak in the same square-jawed monotone as they hustle around generic hi-tech bases.

last issue: Secret Avengers #1
next issue: Secret Avengers #3

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One Response to “Secret Avengers #2”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Brubaker just aint that great on team books, as this and X-Men showed. His hard-boiled “I’m saying something slowly…in these narration boxes…separated by ellipses…so it’ll make it sound more interesting at the end” style gets really noticeable when its every single character.

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