Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #1 of 4

Steve Rogers Super Soldier 1 of 4Ed Brubaker // Dale Eaglesham
September 2010

Simon & Kirby’s supersoldier has been promoted to direct America’s secret ops, a role w/ roots in his ’60s Lee/Kirby superspy revamp. For this mini, he’s an international man of mystery, scaling skyscrapers to mingle in a tux. A pulp climax echoes Cap’s origin, as a scientist dies in his arms!

next issue: Steve Rogers: Super-Solder #2 of 4

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2 Responses to “Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #1 of 4”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Really strong new costume design here for Steve Rogers, translated really well on the big screen, too. Glad it stuck around.

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