Captain America & Bucky #621

Captain America & Bucky 621Ed Brubaker with Marc Andreyko // Chris Samnee
October 2011

Eager to enter the war, Bucky helps Cap fight a circus train of Nazi terrorists! The creators have ample precedent for WW2 adventures, but Cap/Buck is more Kirby/Simon than Kirby/Lee. The circus is a classic Golden Age setting, & a WMD threat updates ’40s evildoers for post-9/11 readers.

last issue: Captain America & Bucky #620
next issue: Captain America & Bucky #622

also indexed for Oct. ’11
Captain America #2
FF #8


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5 Responses to “Captain America & Bucky #621”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    How good is Chris Samnee on this book tho

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      Just incredible. Maybe the best art in the whole run.

      • jeremy09 Says:

        Definitely give the recently completed Daredevil run by Mark Waid a try one day. When Marcos Marin and Paolo Rivera left early, I thought the the book was done for. But Chris Samnee shows up and draws 90% of the next 30 issues and its just fantastic work. He’s such an incredible storyteller.

      • Aaron Strange Says:

        I was thinking I’d go back to Lee/Kirby for a while, but Waid’s DD is a pretty good idea. Which would you rather read about?

      • jeremy09 Says:

        Hmm, well whatever you like to do, I read it regardless! But I do highly recommend the Waid stuff, whenever you get around to it.

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