Winter Soldier #7

Winter Soldier 07Ed Brubaker // Michael Lark
late August 2012

Lark stages an exceptional action sequence—a high-octane firefight on motorcycle & camper van—but also some narrative flashbacks that are artfully quiet. Note also how realistically Brubaker directs the action as a mission op, recalling the excellent indie Queen & Country as much as, say, Bourne.

last issue: Winter Soldier #6
next issue: Winter Soldier #8

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3 Responses to “Winter Soldier #7”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Best car chase sequence I’ve seen until Fraction/Aja Hawkeye #3(another highly recommend run to put on your list).

  2. jeremy09 Says:

    Its so good, the Hawkeye run. I honestly think its the closet thing to Frank Miller/Jensen’s run on DD, an artistically ambitious run of pop superhero comics reinventing a Marvel character. Took forever to come out, but the ending is perfect.

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