Secret Avengers #16

Secret Avengers 16Warren Ellis // Jamie McKelvie
October 2011

The idea’s still ‘superspy Avengers’, but in one issue, Ellis succeeds where Brubaker failed. A quartet of heroes led by Captain America destroy a time machine that’s been repurposed as a super-WMD. McKelvie’s classical layouts are (like Cassaday’s cover) clear & full of dynamism.

last issue: Secret Avengers #15
next issue: Secret Avengers #17

also indexed for Oct. ’11
Captain America #2
Captain America & Bucky #621
FF #8


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One Response to “Secret Avengers #16”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Some damn fine pop superhero comics here. Single issue stories, clever ideas, smart dialog, great artwork tailored to fit each comic.

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