Secret Avengers #18

Secret Avengers 18Warren Ellis // David Aja
December 2011

Backed by a rotating crew of A-list artists, Ellis is distilling the modern superspy trend into a stiff shot of comics. For #18, Cap’s kooky quartet displays Shang-Chi to far better effect than Brubaker did. He gives Aja the chance to draw a kung fu fight in an Escher dimension. Gorgeous.

last issue: Secret Avengers #17
next issue: Secret Avengers #19

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3 Responses to “Secret Avengers #18”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    This is my favorite of the run. I’m not sure what my favorite part is. The pause-SMASH-cut back to normal before the badguy falls down from Shang Chi’s kick in the opening. The SATAN’S CLAW. The payoff of Shang Chi/Steve Rogers “You’re here to be an Avenger”. The beautifully executed reference to Steranko Nick Fury as Steve Rogers catches up with the bad guys. All of Steve Rogers moves at the end and the cute ending.

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