Moon Knight #2

Moon Knight 2Warren Ellis // Declan Shalvey
June 2014

Moon Knight fights a sniper; from start to finish, the action takes less than 15 minutes. It’s a done-in-one vigilante comic, Batman in photonegative costume w/ a touch of cynicism. Shalvey opens w/ the victims’ last moments, & his use of white in the layout recalls Aja’s contempo Hawkeye.

last issue: Moon Knight #1
next issue: Moon Knight #3


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4 Responses to “Moon Knight #2”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    My favorite issue of this run. Just conceptually brilliant, using the 8 panel grid and white negative space to wonderfully cynical effect in the first half, then the smartly executed conclusion in the second half.

  2. jeremy09 Says:

    btw, Merry Christmas!

  3. Aaron Strange Says:

    Thanks, and merry X-mas to you too! This is actually my first read-thru of the Ellis/Shalvey ‘Moon Knight’, so I can’t say which issue is my favorite yet. But #2 reminded me so much of mid-’90s Batman, the Breyfogle era! Not in art (of course) but in the tautness of the cape-n-crime tale.

  4. jeremy09 Says:

    Yes, another Breyfogle fan! Another thing I loved about him was how he used Batman’s cape, how it morphed and changed in every apenl to become a part of his character in a uniquely comic book way. I feel that influence here as well

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