Hawkeye #9

Hawkeye 09Matt Fraction // David Aja
June 2013

After the unexpectedly linear #8, Frac & Aja reshuffle its timeframe & POV. It’s Valentine’s Day, a perfect date for Bobbi Morse to divorce Clint; for Jess Drew to dump him; & for Tash Romanov to hunt down the gangster’s redheaded moll. But the key scene is the trio’s lecture of his protégé Kate.

last issue: Hawkeye #8
next issue: Hawkeye #10


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2 Responses to “Hawkeye #9”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    The playing around with chronology is gonna continue from here. Not just within the issues, but in the kind of issues and the releases themselves!

    How about that last page *tears*

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      Yes, I’m looking forward to that! I think it’s interesting how many of the issues are set on specific dates –– Christmas, Valentine’s, even Hurricane Sandy. The shuffled timelines started with #6, and I love how the chronology demands active reading and rereading. It mirrors Aja’s diagram-like style well too.

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