Hawkeye Annual #1

Hawkeye Annual 1Matt Fraction // Javier Pulido
early September 2013

Kate Bishop, everyone’s (= my) favorite Young Avenger, stands on her own for a whole annual, effectively set-up for a solo arc. She’s in LA, escaping a trap set by her arch-nemesis, Madame Masque. Pulido returns to provide continuity. He works in the cartoon-like new standard for Marvel vigilantes, adding a touch of D. Cooke’s lush curves in echo of Fraction’s happy millennial patter.

continued from Hawkeye #11
continued in Hawkeye #13

also indexed for Sept. ’13
Hawkeye #12

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One Response to “Hawkeye Annual #1”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Even this late in the run, Fraction and co are still experimenting with the comic form to virtuoso result. Love the usage of narration captions with their own Kate Bishop caricatures along the way.

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