Hawkeye #14

Hawkeye 14Matt Fraction // Annie Wu
January 2014

Back to LA, where Kate has gone to learn the hero-ropes solo. She makes delightful mistakes as she helps a gay couple & finds a mentor in… Elliott Gould from The Long Goodbye?! Comparing Wu to Aja isn’t fair, & misses how her loose, lively style expands on the youthful tone of these Cali adventures.

last issue: Hawkeye #13
next issue: Hawkeye #15


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3 Responses to “Hawkeye #14”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    One of my favorite things that shows up very often in these Kate issues, and is very apparent here, is how dense the storytelling is. Almost every page is a separate scene, with its own tone and atmosphere established by the use of color. The creative team crafts a full three act structure populated with a lot of colorful characters, with a great ending tying the annual back into this.

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      Do you know if the Kate arc gets short shrift? It wouldn’t be fair to compare Wu with Aja, even if it’s hard not to. Like you say, her work is exceptional in its own right! There’s so much to discover in this short run.

      • jeremy09 Says:

        I don’t think so! It kinda feels like something they worked out to make up for Aja’s tardiness(and he was still chronically late lol), but they’re all at least 4/5 star comics with their own distinctive style and world from the Aja-verse.

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