Hawkeye #18

Matt Fraction // Annie Wu
May 2014

Fraction reveals that his LA plot has been a film noir all along (of course). Its California corruption is a plot to keep the rich young & immortal, and it’s run by Kate’s archenemy. The Elliot Gould detective even has a link to vampirism: he’s a minor character from Marvel’s classic Dracula!

last issue: Hawkeye #17
next issue: Hawkeye #19

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3 Responses to “Hawkeye #18”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    I do love that these Kate issues get Fraction to work out all his pop culture loves. The Long Goodbye, Chinatown, old 70s Marvel comics, The Beach Boys. His best work at Marvel tends to be the more personal(Hawkeye, Iron Fist, The Order, FF) than something he just kinda doing as an corporate assignment.

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      I tend to agree about Fraction, altho’ his Iron Man may be the definitive run on that character! And in general with these corporate universes, it’s easier for writers to work in the margins than at their core. I think of it as Gerber Syndrome, when he was innovating on the edges while Thomas et al were pushing comic book-shaped widgets in the early 1970s.

  2. jeremy09 Says:

    You’re right about Iron Man! The art was never great and it was real decompressed, but Fraction has the definitive three dimensional characterization for Tony Stark, and hit just about every possible story you could for that character. I think Marvel’s a little poorer for his absence, but if this run is his final testament on superhero comics, what a way to go.

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