Captain Marvel #1

Captain Marvel 2.01Kelly Sue DeConnick // Dexter Soy
September 2012

Carol Danvers assumes the title of Captain Marvel—fitting since she debuted in his comic back in ’68. DeConnick justifies it by strengthening CD’s connections to the military, adding an idol to her backstory (a female pilot). Bonus points for the new hairdo & uni, which are cosplay-perfect.

next issue: Captain Marvel #2

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4 Responses to “Captain Marvel #1”

  1. jeremy09 Says:

    Captain Marvel, this is a surprise! Fun little series, this one.

    Some other recent suggestions:
    -Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force
    -Mark Waid Daredevil
    -Matt Fraction Invincible Iron Man
    -Jason Aaron God of Thunder
    -Brand New Day/Dan Slott Amazing Spider-Man/Superior Spider-Man
    -Charles Soule She-Hulk

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard good things & I’m a fan of Bitch Planet. A friend’s 10-year-old daughter has lent me her TPBs! I’ve always been fond of Danvers, but it’s been 20+ years since I read Claremont’s Ms. M!

      The NY library system has most of Waid’s DD and a lot of Fraction’s Iron Man. I’m also eyeballing Hickman’s Avengers, now that it’s wrapped up. But now that I’ve cleared modern Marvel from my long-boxes, I’d like to change gears soon & read some older stuff – Kirby, Starlin, and other ’60s & ’70s runs. Any favorites from that era?

  2. jeremy09 Says:

    Some of my favorite 70s comics:

    -Englehart on Doctor Strange
    -Doug Moench on Master of Kung Fu
    -Englehart/Sal Buscema Captain America
    -Steve Gerber/Sal Buscema Defender
    -Claremont/Byrne X-Men

    • Aaron Strange Says:

      Of those, I’ve only read the Cap & the X-run. I like Englehart’s Avengers, so the Doc Strange piques my curiosity. I also want to get more Gerber, and that Kung Fu… I can see myself spending a while on ’70s Marvel!

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