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Daredevil #11

December 22, 2011

Stan Lee // Bud Powell
December 1965

Wood inks, not pencils, his finale with the mag’s first two-parter, some city politics given color by an animal-themed gang. Wood has a great eye for pace, form, & shading—he made magic w/ the shadows for DD’s crimson outfit—but his style, reminiscent of Plastino, may be too straightlaced for the Marvel Era.

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Daredevil #10

December 21, 2011

Wally Wood & Bud Powell
October 1965

Lee (busy on annuals?) lets Wood pen as well as pencil this conventional tale. As you’d expect from an artist’s story, it’s got a nifty visual hook: a gang fitted in high-tech animal costumes. They work for a hooded villain who aims to spoil a city election—incl. Foggy Nelson, standing for DA.

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Daredevil #158

June 1, 2010

Roger McKenzie // Frank Miller
May 1979

The arc climaxes okay: DD duels that shadowy chrono-baddy w/ killer gloves in a graveyard. But the mag gets jazzed up w/ the debut of 22-year-old Frank Miller. Wow! The play of light, shadow & silhouette, the weight of bodies, the angles of panels, & the NY noir display an already mature talent!

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