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Daredevil #7

December 18, 2011

Stan Lee // Wally Wood
April 1965

Wood proves his worth to doubters like me in this rousing title-bout. Namor wants to enter his legal claim to the surface world, w/ Nelson & Murdock as advocates. Way out of his weightclass, DD (one year in, w/ a new crimson costume) can’t stop the Atlantean juggernaut, but he can lose with honor.

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The Fantastic Four Annual #1

April 16, 2010

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
October 1963
A-story: ***** // B-story: ****

A mammoth mag: the A-story alone is 37 pages! It’s an epic story-arc, one of Marvel’s best issues ever. Namor rides in imperial pomp thru Atlantis (Kirby’s 2-page spread is a beaut) & then marches on NYC! His army is routed by Mr. F’s techno-wizardry, but it’s Namor’s melodramatic passion for Sue (who, incidentally, prefers Reed) that alienates his subjects. An encore restages an earlier tussle w/ Spider-Man—note how Jack prefers webshooters to spider-powers. Plus pin-ups galore!

continued from The Fantastic Four #18
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