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Daredevil #8

August 11, 2014

Daredevil 008Kevin Smith // Joe Quesada
June 1999

Having revitalized DD by resetting it to the Born Again era, Smith writes a lovely denouement. His arc’s main defect has been its high body count; he counters the ’90s machismo w/ honest emotion. There’s a lovely confession/absolution from Spidey, & Black Widow calls Matt out on his misogyny.

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Daredevil #166

June 8, 2010

Frank Miller/Roger McKenzie
September 1980

Miller’s art on the DD mag improves every issue—this one-shot has an esp. acrobatic brawl at a supervillain museum exhibit w/ the buzz-sawed, numbskulled Gladiator. The creative team offers him a bit of compassion: he’s obviously a troubled simpleton. Plus, a few comic beats for Foggy’s wedding!

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