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The Fantastic Four #340

June 30, 2013

Fantastic Four 340Walt Simonson
May 1990
Mr. F, the heroic focus of this arc, susses a Celestial plan to weaponize Galactus & tosses the Kirby God into G’s black hole! WS writes super-drama underpinned by grandiose beings & fantastic machinery, a la the King; his art, since Thor, has added a fine-lined filigree in the Art Adams manner.
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The Fantastic Four #339

June 29, 2013

Fantastic Four 339Walt Simonson
April 1990
Delightful super-SF comics. To destroy the black-hole machinery of mighty Galactus, Reed & the gang refit a space empire’s munitions plants as interstellar depth charges! Also, Simonson pauses the space adventure to indulge in a heavyweight superhero boy: Thor v. an alien Superman analog.
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[next issue: The Fantastic Four #340]