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The Thanos Imperative #6 of 6

June 5, 2014

Thanos Imperative 6 of 6Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning // Miguel Sepulveda
January 2011

Thanos resurrects Death in a universe where Undying Gods have reigned. To stop his return to our ‘verse, Nova & Star-Lord (the leads in this era’s SF revival) halt the Mad Titan like Butch & Sundance. Tho’ this finale satisfies, it replaces the characters & twists of the lead-in mags w/ super-movie bombast.

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Annihilation #6 of 6

February 6, 2014

Annihilation 6 of 6Keith Giffen // Andrea DiVito
March 2007

Galactus vaporizes the insectoid fleet, Nova goes mano a mano with the Big Bug, & Giffen delivers an epilogue. Annihil never quite delivered on its epic promise, mostly cuz it took itself too seriously. But more, the uninspired realism of DiVito’s art muffled the core mini’s sense of scope.

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continued in Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #1 of 2

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Annihilation #4 of 6

February 4, 2014

Annihilation 4 of 6Keith Giffen // Andrea DiVito
January 2007

While Civil War hits delays, Annihilation keeps to its schedule. Thanos does a heel/face turn upon learning that the bug-invader plans to destroy all life; ironically, before he can save the ‘verse, he’s killed by his nemesis. Giffen engineered this whole series to give Thanos a death he deserves!

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Annihilation: Prologue #1 of 1

January 15, 2014

Annihilation PrologueKeith Giffen // Scott Kolins
May 2006

Using plenty of technobabble, Giffen designs a space-opera spectacle. A wave of insectoids from beyond the universe wipes out the Nova Corps (intergalactic cops). The grandiosity makes the cosmic scope plausible (you could easily miss a genocide in the ol’ Kree-Skrull War) while the art is clear yet full of detail & activity. This prologue intros a SF revival for Marvel.

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Thanos #7

January 5, 2014

Thanos 07 Keith Giffen // Ron Lim
early May 2004

Thanos has made a private pilgrimage to the edge of the universe, where he’s visited by his ex-GF, Death itself! Giffen establishes an immediate contrast w/ Starlin’s vague cosmic plots by adding hard-boiled SF & Kirby-esque scope. But Lim (once an early-’90s light) is no better than Starlin on art.

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