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Daredevil #11

December 22, 2011

Stan Lee // Bud Powell
December 1965

Wood inks, not pencils, his finale with the mag’s first two-parter, some city politics given color by an animal-themed gang. Wood has a great eye for pace, form, & shading—he made magic w/ the shadows for DD’s crimson outfit—but his style, reminiscent of Plastino, may be too straightlaced for the Marvel Era.

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Daredevil #10

December 21, 2011

Wally Wood & Bud Powell
October 1965

Lee (busy on annuals?) lets Wood pen as well as pencil this conventional tale. As you’d expect from an artist’s story, it’s got a nifty visual hook: a gang fitted in high-tech animal costumes. They work for a hooded villain who aims to spoil a city election—incl. Foggy Nelson, standing for DA.

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Daredevil #182

June 26, 2010

Frank Miller with Klaus Janson
May 1982

When hard-boiled writers like Miller explore feelings, they get emo, lurid & a little embarrassing. In a coda to the Elektra Saga, Matt refuses to accept the ninja’s death, in denial (blind?) till he exhumes the corpse! A left-field subplot focuses on the rarely-espied Punisher & an LI drug deal.

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Daredevil #174

June 17, 2010

Frank Miller
September 1981

The mag revs back up as Kingpin pits his rivals—a ninja assassin’s guild (!) who disintegrate at death (!!)—against DD. Also on the scene is Elektra, a former disciple of the ninja clan. Miller’s work is merely exceptional, not superlative; this ish is about moving the plot, not artistic innovation.

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Daredevil #173

June 16, 2010

Frank Miller
August 1981

A breather—okay, a deflation—after the Kingpin arc, but this one-off is still smart & tight. Murdock’s taken an old foe, Gladiator, on pro bono after #166, & learns the bruiser has an evil twin in a gimp mask. Plus a morality drama: MM’s asst. finds the courage to press charges against the double.

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Daredevil #166

June 8, 2010

Frank Miller/Roger McKenzie
September 1980

Miller’s art on the DD mag improves every issue—this one-shot has an esp. acrobatic brawl at a supervillain museum exhibit w/ the buzz-sawed, numbskulled Gladiator. The creative team offers him a bit of compassion: he’s obviously a troubled simpleton. Plus, a few comic beats for Foggy’s wedding!

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Daredevil #160

June 3, 2010

September 1979
Roger McKenzie // Frank Miller

Much plot: Murdock gets dumped in another rainy cemetery; Bugle newsman Ben Urich suspects DD’s secret ID; psychokiller Bullseye roughs up & kidnaps Black Widow (a ho-hum girl-in-peril twist). Oh, & for more action, Daredevil tosses a dive bar. The artsy murk adds to the bone-jarring violence.

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Daredevil #158

June 1, 2010

Roger McKenzie // Frank Miller
May 1979

The arc climaxes okay: DD duels that shadowy chrono-baddy w/ killer gloves in a graveyard. But the mag gets jazzed up w/ the debut of 22-year-old Frank Miller. Wow! The play of light, shadow & silhouette, the weight of bodies, the angles of panels, & the NY noir display an already mature talent!

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