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Captain America & the Falcon #208

August 21, 2012

Jack Kirby
April 1977
This jungle arc runs concurrent w/ Kirby’s offbeat run on Black Panther—prob’ly no coincidence, tho’ his Cap work feels less feverishly imaginative. In the rainforest of C. America, on the shores of the Rio de Muerto, Cap earns a female sidekick as he wrestles w/ one of Kirby’s rough-hided monsters.
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Captain America & the Falcon #207

August 20, 2012

Jack Kirby
March 1977
Kirby re-examines his fave  theme of despotism & its annihilation of the spirit. Unlike the Madbomb Affair, this long arc in Central America doesn’t emulate an earlier classic; it’s a grindhouse flick w/ Monroe Doctrine undertones. Far from America protection, Cap serves justice to a Hispanic warden.
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Captain America & the Falcon #206

August 19, 2012

Jack Kirby
February 1977
Kirby plots #206 well, mirroring a romantic dinner w/ a banquet of torture. The former, a rocky double-date w/ his partner, has Cap trying to repair his relaish w/ Sharon Carter. The latter occurs in Central America, where a banana dictator works men to death (shades, most currently, of Pinochet).
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