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Daredevil #19

December 31, 2011

Stan Lee // John Romita
August 1966

Daredevil resembles Spider-Man more & more. And it’s not just Romita’s gymnastic fights, it’s Lee’s quippy dialogue & his tease at villains’ secret IDs. While DD protects his lawyer pal from hoodlums, his foes (the masked mastermind & razored bruiser) butt heads while forming an alliance.

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Daredevil #17

December 29, 2011

Stan Lee // John Romita
June 1966
Guest-star Spider-Man kayos the henchmen, leaving the mastermind for Daredevil. Romita stages the fights as fisticuffs, failing to show off the superheroes’ powers. But he & Lee soap the mag’s romantic triangle by having the suddenly flabby Foggy equivocate to his sec when Spidey IDs him as DD.

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Daredevil #16

December 28, 2011

Stan Lee // John Romita
May 1966

A super-criminal pits Daredevil against Spider-Man as cover for his techno-heist. Romita’s inaugural take on Spidey must’ve looked odd to Marvelites used to Ditko (looka those ripe muscles! And slips in the web pattern!). Spider-fans might scoff at DD’s too-easy defeat of their hero—but it is his mag.

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