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Daredevil #5

August 8, 2014

Daredevil 005Kevin Smith // Joe Quesada
March 1999

Quesada turns out top-notch work, edging pages w/ nouveau-celtic designs & staging a classic DD/Bullseye match. Great script too, as Doc Strange summons the Marvel U’s devil for info on the false infant-messiah. A great issue, marred only by Smith’s “fridging” of longtime cast-member Karen Page.

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Secret Wars II #9 of 9

February 22, 2012

Jim Shooter // Al Milgrom
March 1986
The series takes a truly weird twist as its protag invents a Kirbytech “birthing module” that allows him to be reborn as an omnipotent mortal (the turn echoes Shooter’s similar, infamous “Rape of Ms. Marvel” plotline). Every superhero in Marvel Comics wants to stop the cosmic being, leading some to propose infanticide! Instead, the nebbishy Molecule Man & his homely g’friend save the universe.
[continued from The Fantastic Four #288]
[continued in The Avengers #266]
[last issue: Secret Wars II #8 of 9]

Secret Wars II #7 of 9

February 20, 2012

Jim Shooter // Al Milgrom
January 1986
The Marvel U’s version of Satan aims to destroy the Beyonder w/ Kirbytech & a battalion of supervillains. Luckily, the Thing has Big B’s back. Since last ish, the godling has gotten lost in meditation. His passivity & fiendish temptation could be holy, but in Shooter’s hands it’s just dull & inert.
[continued from Power Man & Iron Fist #121]
[continued in The New Mutants #36]
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Secret Wars II #6 of 9

February 19, 2012

Jim Shooter // Al Milgrom
December 1985
After getting his consciousness raised elsewhere by Dr. Strange, the Beyonder turns superhero. His resolution to eliminate death pits him against Marvel’s 1970s cosmic entities, a pantheon inspired by quaaludes. Shooter aims so high & falls so far short, while Milgrom gets increasingly sketchy.
[continued from The Fantastic Four #285]
[continued in Cloak and Dagger #4]
[last issue: Secret Wars II #5 of 9]
[next issue: Secret Wars II #7 of 9]

The Mighty Thor #381

May 2, 2011

Walt Simonson // Sal Buscema
July 1987
Having faced the World Serpent & a Satan analog, but cursed w/ immortality, Thor’s a pulverized mess. Simonson finds a brilliant solution: syphon Thor’s soul into the enchanted armor that he’s fought so often! It plays to Buscema’s Kirby-esque strengths as Thor battles the armor on the astral plane.
[continued from Mephisto vs. #4 of 4]
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The Fantastic Four #277

February 4, 2011

John Byrne
April 1985
Rather than splitting #277 into an A- & B-plot, Byrne runs them concurrently as a vertical diptych. It’s clever but fails to deliver a visual or narrative wallop. In the soapy upper plot, the Thing returns to find his gal Alicia in Johnny’s arms; in the bombastic lower, the Richards fight the Devil.
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The Fantastic Four #276

February 3, 2011

John Byrne
March 1985
Mistaking the suburban Richards for sorcerers, an exorcist attacks their CT home. But the necromancer’s out of her league when they page Dr. Strange! A stronger storyteller would make this plot into a metaphor for Sue’s unattainable dream of normalcy, but so far Byrne simply goes for ghoulish action.
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