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Marvel Boy #6 of 6

February 24, 2015

Marvel Boy 6 of 6Grant Morrison // J.G. Jones
March 2001

Closure for an origin arc (#1 + 4-6): Noh-Varr the super-Kree helps his GF defeat her megalomaniac dad, then he’s incarcerated by SHIELD. He’s an outsider in the grand Marvel manner, pitted even against that tradition. Such raw potential in this character & also in GM’s style, not picked up till Nextwave.

last issue: Marvel Boy #5 of 6

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Fantastic Four #500

December 9, 2014

Fantastic Four 500Mark Waid // Mike Wieringo
September 2003

An extra-long ish, given a false sheen by ‘unbooting’ the issue #. Tutored by Dr S, Mr F outwits Dr D by learning humility. He admits magic is beyond him & that he’s outclassed by both men, whereas Doom disrespects his demonic allies & gets dragged to hell! It’s an intense take on Doom that eschews nuance—he muses whose skin to wear on his mystic armor—that plays off the cartoon art.

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Fantastic Four #70

December 8, 2014

Fantastic Four 2.70Mark Waid // Mike Wieringo
August 2003

Waid’s got a very dark take on the quintessential super-villain. His Dr. Doom has no aristo code, he’s an amoral megalomaniac whose Faustian deal gives him victory in his vendetta w/ Mr F. Are his scenes of triumph ill-served by the Disney-like art or does its clash of tones make for starker relief?

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Nova #30

April 29, 2014

Nova 30Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning // Kevin Sharpe
December 2009

Despite the art (Sharpe has a 180° problem & lackluster action sequences), yet another issue of solid SF fun. While fighting off a horde of numbskull bruisers, the Nova Corps abandons Ego the Living Planet for a new base. Note also how easily DnA revamp Monark Starstalker into a viable character.

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Nova #29

April 28, 2014

Nova 29Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning // Kevin Sharpe
November 2009

Well sub-par of Nova‘s usual quality, mainly cuz Sharpe has a few off panels atop his generally dull style. A rift in space has shunted a derelict station in from another ‘verse. It holds, among other beings, bruisers from a Ditko Dimension & a rare ’70s Chaykin antihero named Monark Starstalker!

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