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FF #9

December 8, 2013

FF 09Jonathan Hickman // Steve Epting
November 2011

Epting’s in his element as he draws a massive, chaotic battle btw Inhumans & Moloids. On the field of combat, Hickman’s characters act like chesspieces, as Black Bolt captures a pair of Mr F’s duplicates (& Reed himself) while the fourth Richards takes Dr. Doom hostage & flees to Latveria! Awesome.

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FF #8

December 7, 2013

FF 08Jonathan Hickman // Steve Epting
October 2011

Back down to Earth, literally & figuratively, after the cool flashback of #6-7. Epting’s Hollywood realism can’t encompass Hickman’s imagination; it’s just bland, confusing—maybe rushed? Less plot than usual too, as the Future Foundation’s villain-allies fight the Reed-doubles & Inhumans in a melée.

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FF #5

December 4, 2013

FF 05Jonathan Hickman // Barry Kitson
August 2011

The prophesied war ignites! First the doppel-Reeds & Mole Man destroy Old Atlantis, then they face the Inhuman space-city at the strange Forever City. And kudos to Kitson: tho’ his Reed is bland, his Thing is expressive &, even rarer, his Sue is a strong presence, matching Hick’s portrayal.

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FF #4

December 3, 2013

FF 04Jonathan Hickman // Barry Kitson
late July 2011

Can Sue stop alt-Reed from building a planet-wrecker?! Kitson relieves Epting, an incremental step up in quality since his bright, flat style (akin to C. Swan) mirrors this mag’s optimism. He’s also better at monsters, which means (a) a better Thing, & (b) a great face-off btw Atlanteans & Moloids.

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FF #3

FF #3

December 2, 2013

Jonathan Hickman // Steve Epting
FF 03July 2011

The first symposium of the Future Foundation, hosted by Dr. Doom, asks “How to defeat Mr. Fantastic?” The enemy: the Council of Reeds, trapped on Earth. Various foes pick one side or the other, as the Reeds devise an Earth-shattering gateway home using the fantastical cities of last year’s issues.

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FF #4

The Fantastic Four #575

November 16, 2013

Fantastic Four 575Jonathan Hickman // Dale Eaglesham
March 2010

Led by the Mole Man, the quartet journeys to the center of the Earth to explore a lost “Forever City” before it rises to the surface! The Thing risks devolution to rescue mole-kids. Hick waters the team’s Vernean roots in exploration & also nails the sentiment under Grimm’s monstrous self-hatred.

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Avengers/JLA #4 of 4

October 7, 2013

Avengers.JLA 4 of 4Kurt Busiek // George Pérez
December 2003

The crossover ends as it must: in an enormous brawl of punching & zapping. Still, the mag’s creative duo amazingly avoid even a whiff of the corporate avarice that must underpin this mini. The grand scope & casual confidence prove a good capstone to the super-teamwork dynamic that defines the Avengers run of Busiek & Pérez et al. Think of it as a victory lap AWA an impressive work of fan-service.

last issue: JLA/Avengers #3 of 4

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The Fantastic Four #349

July 9, 2013

Fantastic Four 349Walt Simonson // Arthur Adams & Gracine Tanaka
February 1991
A dozen players chase a Maguffin, an egg that hatches a robot WMD. Mr. F & Mole Man hold the focus; Wolverine & Ghost Rider never seem wholly present. Simonson doesn’t have a handle on the guests’ voices or superpowes. His strongest suit, aside from Mr. F himself, is approaching comic books as fun.
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The Fantastic Four #348

July 8, 2013

Fantastic Four 348Walt Simonson // Arthur Adams
January 1991
A team of A-list solo guests sows the mag’s tongue in its cheek. But other than the goof, WS has no use for them; it’s Adams who justifies the cameos. His style has a toon-like element—esp. lovely monsters & Sue’s doe eyes—which looks past the Image era to super-manga like Joes Maduriera & Quesada.
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The Fantastic Four #347

July 7, 2013

Fantastic Four 347Walt Simonson
December 1990
A renegade Skrull zaps the Four then recruits a 1990 Marvel marketer’s dream-team to replace them. Meanwhile, Simonson brings in more monsters, in this case Kirby kaiju! Adams’ baroque art has all the density of the era’s unfortunate style but, bonus, a sense of anatomy, backgrounds, & pacing.
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The Avengers #17

June 18, 2012

Stan Lee // Don Heck
June 1965
A hunt for charter Avenger the Hulk turns up blank, while a face-off w/ that subterranean tyrant, the Mole Man, & his monsters ends in a draw. The new roster, however, shows more teamwork & demos more character than the square heroes they’ve replaced. Hawkeye is aiming to replace Cap as team leader!
[last issue: The Avengers #16]
[next issue: The Avengers #18]

The Avengers #12

June 13, 2012

Stan Lee // Don Heck
January 1965
A standard superteam adventure, as the Avengers take on a megalomaniac & his doomsday device. The villain’s not even new, he’s on loan from the Fantastic Four: a subterranean tyrant & his pale yellow horde. The underground setting, at least, allows Ant-Man to prove he’s not the team’s fifth wheel.
[last issue: The Avengers #11]
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The Fantastic Four #22

April 20, 2010

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
January 1964

Stan & Jack, stymied by Invisible Girl’s passivity, boost her powers: now she can cast forcefields. The rest of #22 shows the uninspired return of the Mole Man, who runs the quartet thru a course of deathtraps. Roussos’ spotted blacks aren’t right on Kirby—tho’ his inking of Ayers was electric.

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The Fantastic Four #1

March 29, 2010

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
November 1961

The concept’s still nascent, but it’s no mere JLA knock-off. This team isn’t far removed from the Marvel monsters that it fights under the Earth’s surface—esp. the Thing! Just walking down the street, their mutated bodies nearly spark a riot. A rocket launch adds a New Frontier modernity to the mag.

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