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Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield #1 of 1

September 25, 2015

Captain America - Who Will Wield the Shield 1 of 1Ed Brubaker // Jackson Guice & Luke Ross
February 2010

A cash-grab epilogue to Cap: Reborn, pre-empting its climax in #6. Ironically it’s the strongest of the 3 Cap issues this month. EB gets into his stoic warriors and their manly virtues—respect, honor, patriotism, heterosexuality, etc.—and ends w/ a new status quo as Rogers gets a SHIELD promotion.

continued from Captain America: Reborn #6 of 6
continued in Secret Avengers #1

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Daredevil #65

October 1, 2014

Daredevil 065Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Golden, Greg Horn, P. Craig Russell, Phil Hester, Chris Bachalo, and Alex Maleev
late November 2004

It’s meant to celebrate the titular hero’s 40th anniversary (& the creative team’s 3-year mark), but #65 reads like a fill-in. For one thing, Maleev’s only contribution is the final episode, a **** scene that sets up the K’pin’s predecessor, now free from Rikers. For another, the rest of the ish adds & revises prior scenes in this run w/o adding to them, & tosses in a few context-free pin-ups.

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Daredevil #35

September 1, 2014

Daredevil 035Brian Michael Bendis // Alex Maleev
September 2002

Action fans finally get a dust-up—and a team-up! DD & Spidey v. Mr. Hyde, a Kirby bruiser that Murdock’s faced in the courtroom. The fight’s ratio of panels-to-punches, however, points up just how slow this creative team’s trend-setting style of cinematic comics can be. And the ish ends on a tease…

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Young Avengers #8

October 21, 2013

Young Avengers 08Allen Heinberg // Andrea DiVito
November 2005

The teen comics mag takes on the classic PSA subject of drug use. The Cap analog, a black kid, derives his powers from an illegal serum; Cassie Lang, meanwhile, got her growth powers by filching her late dad’s Pym particles. Yet the issue complicates its mild disapproval by sticking by its heroes.

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Young Avengers #7

October 20, 2013

Young Avengers 07Allen Heinberg // Andrea DiVito
October 2005

The kids face a heavy who’s dealing a mutant street-drug. It’s part of Marvel’s nouveau-gritty style, which can suit teens well or badly (the last panel alludes to GL‘s classic “junkie!” cover). DiVito proves a journeyman, tho’ inks add a teen-manga gloss that’s too similar to Alphona’s Runaways.

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Captain America #252

September 5, 2012

Roger Stern & John Byrne
December 1980
When one of Thor’s heavies aims a supertanker at NYC, that ol’ French mercenary Batroc teams up w/ Cap to pummel him. You can almost feel the punches land in Byrne’s fight sequences, plus he tosses off one or two A+ layouts. The peppy caper wraps up quickly, so the creators offer some bonus material.
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Captain America #251

September 4, 2012

Roger Stern & John Byrne
November 1980
This throwback to the Lee/Kirby era gets burnished by its creators’ superlative craft. Look at how much time Stern/Byrne devote to Silver Age super-criminals Hyde & Batroc, who hold NYC ransom! Read how revealing the dialogue is, see how smooth & muscular the artwork is. JB draws a perfect Cap.
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