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The Marvels Project #1 of 8

September 17, 2015

Marvels Project 1 of 8Ed Brubaker // Steve Epting
October 2009

Caught short by the buzz around Captain America’s death, Marvel gives Brubaker one mini to resurrect the hero & another for fun. He does a full period piece, drawing the company’s 1940s characters together into a plot-network around the super-serum & a secret experiment in Nazi eugenics labs.

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The Fantastic Four #238

December 15, 2010

John Byrne
January 1982
A-story: **** // B-story: ***

A diptych on metamorphosis. One focuses on Johnny, who ironically is the most self-reflective of Byrne’s Four. His on/off g’friend learns she’s got flame powers too, hypnotically repressed by her stepdad (inventor of the ’40s Torch!). In the other, the Thing reverts to his original hide (oops!)

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