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The Sentry/Spider-Man #1 of 1

March 4, 2015

Sentry-Spider-Man 1 of 1Paul Jenkins // Rick Leonardi
February 2001

Before his erasure from Marvel, the Sentry had helped Parker grow up—netting him a Pulitzer photo & fame! Bronze Age Spidey is a perfect vehicle for the Void-as-depression theme, & tonally S/S-M reads like a lost issue of Marvel Team-Up. But with yeoman’s work by Leonardi, it’s about as forgettable.

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Daredevil #34

August 31, 2014

Daredevil 034Brian Michael Bendis // Alex Maleev
August 2002

Murdock’s friends muddy the water to defend his career, while Matt himself gets chewed out by Foggy. Maleev knows how to pace Bendis’ zippy dialogue, but at times, his reliance on copy/paste makes the background characters look frozen & robotic. He’s experimenting w/ computers & art, a key to Y2K comics.

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Daredevil #27

August 24, 2014

Daredevil 027Brian Michael Bendis // Alex Maleev
January 2002

The mob action that surrounds the now-blind K’pin mimics the goomba lowlifes of The Sopranos; in another thread, a rookie cop panics & opens fire when he spies DD. The weird intrusion of a masked super-avenger into cop/crook tropes gives the mag a whole new layer of realism & archetypal power.

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Spider-Man Team-Up #7

June 17, 2014

Spider-Man Team-Up 1Kurt Busiek // Sal Buscema
June 1997

Team-Up ties in tightly to T’bolts, & adds a clever flip to the old Marvel Misunderstanding. Here the “good” guys sock Spidey partly at the city’s behest but also cuz T’bolt Mach-1 is really the Beetle, out for payback! Sal B’s solid as ever, perfect for Busiek’s subversion of superheroism.

last issue: Spider-Man Team-Up #6
continued fromThunderbolts #2
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Captain America #250

September 3, 2012

Roger Stern & John Byrne
October 1980
Cap considers a presidential bid on a third-party ticket but declines cuz he’s an idealist, not a pragmatist. A boldly introverted issue for a milestone number, #250 hit the racks for the autumn election, when Watergate still cast a black shadow over the Oval Office & the country seemed rudderless.
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Daredevil #230

March 2, 2012

Frank Miller // Dave Mazzucchelli
May 1986

Tho’ the title character spends the whole ish in bed w/ a fever, the arc’s several subplots begin to boil. The most harrowing, in art & emo, has reporter Ben Urich cowed by Kingpin’s threats. Incidentally, it looks like Miller pencilled some pages—but his style blends seamlessly w/ Mazzucchelli’s.

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Daredevil #227

February 28, 2012

Frank Miller // Dave Mazzucchelli
February 1986

“Someone is out to get Matt Murdock”—the Kingpin, natch, having bought the hero’s secret ID. The seller is Karen Page, long MIA from the mag & now a Tijuana junkie. A classic arc, w/ tough-guy narration & almost no superheroics. Miller urges already expert Mazz into hard-lined, career-defining work.

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The Pulse #13

May 16, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Gaydos
March 2006
Jess delivers her daughter surrounded by baby-daddy Luke Cage & his colleagues, the Avengers. D-Man, a onetime Avenger & now a vagrant, gets help from his hero, Daredevil. The thematic parallel is elegant, liberal, & hopeful, implying an inclusive community that looks after even its lowest members.

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The Pulse #10

May 13, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Lark
September 2005

Lark’s etched style is perfect for a journalist’s perspective on the alt-verse of House of M, in which Magneto has instituted apartheid against humanity. Or it would be, except that the late Hawkeye detours thru this ish on his way from #5 of the HoM mini to #7, angsting about his resurrection.

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The Pulse #9

May 12, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Lark
July 2005

Lark nails the seedy, cynical tone that Bendis aims for—no surprise, considering how akin this mag is to Lark’s previous gig, Gotham Central. Jess & her Bugle colleagues are pawns in a superspy intelligence leak. But she only cares about Luke Cage, whom she finds w/ his kung fu pals in a safehouse.

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The Pulse #8

May 11, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Lark
May 2005

Jess Jones turns down an offer from HYDRA, an evil superspy outfit, while an anonymous SHIELD agent blows the whistle on Nick Fury. This arc finally starts perking, helped by strong pacing & Lark’s scratchy line. More than Secret War itself, #8 gets the petty betrayals & vendettas of espionage.

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The Pulse #7

May 10, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Brent Anderson
March 2005

A crossover w/ Secret War is undercut by that quarterly mini’s delays. So we’re just as confused as Jess Jones about who bombed her apt with Luke Cage & what went down at a wrecked NY pier. In a bright spot, the Bugle drops the story cuz Nick Fury’s involved: a cynical take on Bush-era journo-politics.

last issue: The Pulse #6
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The Pulse #5

May 8, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Mark Bagley
November 2004

Osborne gets arrested, yet the big moment feels anticlimactic. Maybe it’s the obvious violation of due process when Luke Cage attacks him in broad daylight? Maybe it’s how a super-tussle violates the book’s fragile realism? Maybe it’s that Jess’ scene, a pregnancy anxiety, rings a rare hollow note?

last issue: The Pulse #4
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The Pulse #4

May 7, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Mark Bagley
September 2004

Ben Urich, the shabby newsman from Miller’s Daredevil (& this writer’s too), pins a murder on the Green Goblin & confirms the villain’s secret ID—& incidentally, Spider-Man’s too. It’s incredibly solid work, although Bagley’s wide-eyed ‘toonish style doesn’t match the gritty, realistic tone.

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The Pulse #2

May 5, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Mark Bagley
May 2004

Last issue’s corpse gets a backstory—and it’s humdrum. A Bugle reporter, nosing into a missing-persons case, gets killed by the Green Goblin. The complete lack of a hook to the character is atypical for Bendis. The only clever note is that she’s a Lois Lane manque: Terri Kidder (= Hatcher & Margot).

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The Pulse #1

May 4, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Mark Bagley
April 2004
A reboot of the superlative ’00s comic Alias, w/ Bagley’s pencils signaling a lighter tone. It’s low on action (same as Alias) but the char work & real-world touches (like the death of print) make it up. Jonah Jameson offers protag Jessica Jones, pregnant ex-superheroine, a gig at the Daily Bugle.

continued from Alias #28
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Daredevil #160

June 3, 2010

September 1979
Roger McKenzie // Frank Miller

Much plot: Murdock gets dumped in another rainy cemetery; Bugle newsman Ben Urich suspects DD’s secret ID; psychokiller Bullseye roughs up & kidnaps Black Widow (a ho-hum girl-in-peril twist). Oh, & for more action, Daredevil tosses a dive bar. The artsy murk adds to the bone-jarring violence.

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