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Captain America & Bucky #620

November 6, 2015

Captain America & Bucky 620Ed Brubaker with Marc Andreyko // Chris Samnee
September 2011

As Disney revises its IP to match its hit movie, it re-assigns Bucky for team-up assignment back in WW2. The first ish is Brubaker’s chance to lay out his creation’s retconned origin as a GI orphan & roustabout who’s combat-trained as Cap’s sidekick. Worth it for Samnee’s evocation of the era.

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Captain America #50

September 13, 2015

Captain America 50a-plot: Ed Brubaker // Luke Ross
b-plot: Ed Brubaker // Marcos Martin
July 2009
a-plot: ***
b-plot: ****

Brubaker mirrors his half-century on CA by celebrating Bucky’s birthday & flashing back to his notable natal revels during the Big One. Bru used this device better in a Winter Soldier one-shot, partly cuz the sentiment felt earned & partly cuz its pencils were stronger than Ross’s generic movietone. A few bonus pages, a mod origin recap from Marcos Martin, do more w/ #50’s higher page count.

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Tales of Suspense #71: Captain America

January 16, 2012

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby & George Tuska
November 1965
B-story: ***
Part 3 of a story that sounds like a plausible WW2 Cap/Bucky mission and avoids both Golden Age & Silver Age formulas. Instead, the creative team delivers a rollicking adventure involving an English rocket scientist/Quisling who avenges his sister by rerouting a V-2 to hit a Nazi battalion in France.
[A-story: Iron Man]
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Tales of Suspense #70: Captain America

January 15, 2012

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby & George Tuska
October 1965
B-story: ***
CA now alternates the mag’s cover w/ Iron Man rather than sharing it. Inside, Kirby’s obviously the creative drive behind Cap’s strip, even if he’s just providing breakdowns: so much action & momentum, plot threads get frayed! Our super-soldier gets pinned down by a Nazi squad in an English castle.
[A-story: Iron Man]
[last issue: Tales of Suspense #69]
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Tales of Suspense #69: Captain America

January 14, 2012

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers
September 1965
B-story: ***
Bucky plays the perennial role of Boy Hostage when he’s kidnapped by a mad scientist. But the highlight of this backup is a gutsy firefight in Occupied France, tipping the ish towards the war genre. Working off Kirby’s breakdowns, Ayers has fine linework that suggests ’40s comics, esp. in the faces.
[A-story: Iron Man]
[last issue: Tales of Suspense #68]
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Tales of Suspense #68: Captain America

January 13, 2012

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
August 1965
B-story: ***
Cap breaks the Red Skull’s mind control—whew! Back on duty, he outsmarts a Nazi agent who’s stolen an experimental disintegrator. Kirby’s found a solid formula for this backup: ’60s superaction in a ’40s setting. Lee, however, doesn’t add his trademark exuberance or interior psychic tension.
[A-story: Iron Man]
[last issue: Tales of Suspense #67]
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Tales of Suspense #65: Captain America

January 10, 2012

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
May 1965
B-story: ***
Not sure what the caption means when it says this tale is told in a Golden-Age manner—maybe Lee’s copy is less manic? Kirby has his usual frenzied action & unique, expressive style. He (re-)intros Cap’s Nazi nemesis, the lurid Red Skull, who’s sabotaging the US war effort w/ disguises & hit lists.
[A-story: Iron Man]
[last issue: Tales of Suspense #64]
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Tales of Suspense #64: Captain America

January 8, 2012

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
April 1965
B-story: ***
Cap & Bucky team w/ a blonde agent to sock a Nazi vaudevillean (& his freak) who sows terror by ‘predicting’ stateside attacks. Take the time to compare this 10-page tale w/ the 7-page 1941 original. It’s got the same headlong momentum & 2D characters but stronger pacing & almost grotesque artwork.
[A-story: Iron Man]
[last issue: Tales of Suspense #63]
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Tales of Suspense #63: Captain America

January 6, 2012

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
March 1965
B-story: ***
Rather than imagine new adventures for Cap, the creative team recounts his WW2 exploits. First up is his origin story: the bubbling serum that turns a scrawny civilian into a super-soldier, the chance drafting of sidekick Bucky, & finally, a brisk set of bareknuckle bouts w/ Nazi fifth columnists.
[A-story: Iron Man]
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