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Secret War #1 of 5

May 18, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Gabriele Dell’Otto
April 2004

Nick Fury has evidence that supercriminals are funded by a post-Doom Latverian proxy—but he’s muzzled by the State Dept because Latv’s our ally! Bendis brings his hard-boiled espionage to the greater Marvel U but he may not be able to pull off the moral ambiguity. Jury’s out on D’O’s painted art.

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The Pulse #8

May 11, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Lark
May 2005

Jess Jones turns down an offer from HYDRA, an evil superspy outfit, while an anonymous SHIELD agent blows the whistle on Nick Fury. This arc finally starts perking, helped by strong pacing & Lark’s scratchy line. More than Secret War itself, #8 gets the petty betrayals & vendettas of espionage.

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