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Alias #21

July 30, 2010

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Gaydos & Mark Bagley
June 2003
Bendis’ trafficking arc (kinda partners to his Owl arc in DD) wraps up w/ a burst of action—Speedball bubbles!—& Kid Spider-Woman’s rescue. It also teases at Jones’ traumatic history by alluding to a similar victimization & a dream-fight w/ the Defenders. Gaydos gets trad w/ a 3×3 grid on 1 page!
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Alias #19

July 26, 2010

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Gaydos
April 2003
Spider-Woman is a narco-slave to a sleaze who’s freebasing her super-blood. It’s drug- & sex-trafficking as parasitism in a superhero idiom, dark as a Frank Miller noir but w/o the sensationalism. Adding to the tone, Jess fails to rescue the girl & (in a superb, expressionistic set of pages) gets slipped a mickey.
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Alias #18

July 24, 2010

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Gaydos
March 2003
Hard-boiled, complex, & disturbing to boot: the theme is sexual exploitation. We see Jess glam herself up (ironically) to get into a club. There she finds Kid Spider-Woman, strung out & maybe hooking for a true scumbag. On some as-yet-unexplained thematic level, it ties into Jess’ own backstory…
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Alias #17

July 23, 2010

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Gaydos
February 2003
Tight, ugly noir as Jess slouches thru rainy NYC looking for the 3rd Spider-Woman (another screwed-up teen). It’s the slow part of this arc, so she’s got no leads except for the prophecies of Madame Web (who?). The psychic oracle triggers a freak-out, teasing at the reasons for Jess’ damaged psyche.
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Alias #16

July 22, 2010

Brian Michael Bendis // Michael Gaydos
January 2003
A case comes in thru Jess Jones’ window, as she comes home from foiling a stick-up to find one-time Spider-Woman (more like a girl—& how nice is it to see a physical diff. btw. women & girls in a comic!) powdering her nose. A couple beats w/ Scott Lang & Jess’ pal at SHIELD add quality to the issue.
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