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The X-Men #18

May 30, 2010

Stan Lee // Werner Roth
March 1966
Exit Kirby, & w/ him go any wisps of the team’s personality. Magneto’s back, a lame villain w/ vague motivation (“mutant supremacy”), ill-defined powers, & a silly plan involving sci-fi mutant zombie slaves. Once again, Prof X saves the day, not the teens, thru a particularly bald deux ex machina.
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The X-Men #11

May 23, 2010

Stan Lee // Jack Kirby
May 1965
Five of the first 10 issues had the X-Men competing w/ the Brotherhood to recruit mutants, a formula that’s quickly become rote (neither team added 1 member). So Stan & Jack jettison the plot-engine in this perfunctory encounter w/ a god-like alien who grabs Magneto for scientific study off-planet.
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