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New X-Men #154

December 9, 2012

New X-Men 154Grant Morrison // Marc Silvestri
June 2004
Despite dodgy panels from Silvestri, Morrison sticks his finale with acrobatic beauty. The enemy of his entire run is finally unmasked: Sublime, a 3B-year-old viral consciousness that subverts evolution to survive! Jean G. ascends to godhead & defeats the villain w/ love by blessing Scott & Emma.
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New X-Men #153

December 8, 2012

New X-Men 153Grant Morrison // Marc Silvestri
May 2004
GM’s white-hot with hyper-compression, an abstruse style that, at its best, delivers complex plotting but doesn’t neglect emotional beats. Led by a rehabilitated Cass Nova (AKA Ernst!), a future X-team confronts Phoenix & the Beast—who’s infected by Sublime, a virus that thrives on mutant conflict!
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New X-Men #152

December 7, 2012

New X-Men 152Grant Morrison // Marc Silvestri
late March 2004
In the far future, the Beast wants to mass-produce life rather than letting evolution work. Morrison’s riff on Days of Future Past equals the original & surpasses its ’90s echo Age of Apocalypse. Silvestri also outdoes his past X-work, retaining the sturm & drang of Inferno but surer on shapes.
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New X-Men #151

December 6, 2012

New X-Men 151Grant Morrison // Marc Silvestri
early March 2004
At the end, an arc to match the inaugural #114-17! GM flings the mag 150 years into the future & briskly builds an alt Marvel Universe. The Beast, fur silver with age, has turned evil; all-new X-Men include a boy & his pet Sentinel; a Phoenix egg may save the timeline, ruptured by Cyclops’ despair.
[last issue: New X-Men #150]
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New X-Men #145

November 30, 2012

Grant Morrison // Chris Bachalo
October 2003

GM brings the run back to techno-pop adventure, tho’ he forfeits Wolvie & Cyke’s emotional arcs. The baddie who created the U-Men also leads Weapon Plus, a program of Sentinel supersoldiers disguised as a comic book team! All this on an exploding orbital satellite laid out superbly by Bachalo.

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New X-Men #120

November 5, 2012

Grant Morrison // Igor Kordey
January 2002

The U-Men are reduced to opera buffa racists by Jean Grey, who catches fire w/ Phoenix Force. Her ascension tingles the reader’s spine, tho’ hasty fill-in art obscures the action & undercuts the sense of awe that GM intends. Compare to Quitely’s numinous cover: Phoenix as modern Byzantine icon.

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New X-Men #119

November 4, 2012

Grant Morrison // Igor Kordey
December 2001

Kordey, tonally the opposite of Morrison, shreds the mag’s mod-pop adventure w/ rough, murky pencils. A close read salvages a few concepts & story beats tho’. Jean Grey preps for lone battle to defend the school. A roadhouse bigot pulls a shotgun & sob story on Logan & his new teen protege.

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New X-Men #118

November 3, 2012

Grant Morrison // Ethan van Scriver
November 2001

A cornerstone of this X-era is mutant popularity. Non-glam mutants like Beast & Beak got spotlit last ish; in #118, a chubby teen gets thrown out by her bigoted dad for growing bug wings. Less successful is GM’s riff on anti-mutant cadres: meet the U-Men, vivisecting mutants for post-human uplift.

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New X-Men Annual 2001

November 1, 2012

Grant Morrison // Leinel Yu
September 2001

The team investigates an alliance btw Red China, a US pharm corp, & a self-help guru whose pro-mutant stance covers an evil agenda. Organ harvesting, international espionage, a beatific mutant w/ a star for a brain: GM’s ’01 Annual tells a rare X-tale that feels essential & a la mode, if not quite coherent. Yu flips the page for letterbox effect, tho’ his raspy layouts echo GM’s style for + and -.

continued from New X-Men #116
continued in New X-Men #117
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