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Secret War #3 of 5

May 20, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Gabriele Dell’Otto
October 2004

If you’re writing a 5-part quarterly, you really need shouldn’t indulge in so much action & so little plot—you kill the momentum. Peter Parker’s unconscious mind begins to recall the cover op that last issue set up. But mostly, it’s Dell’Otto drawing glowy red-eyed tech in an homage to The Matrix.

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The Pulse #2

May 5, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis // Mark Bagley
May 2004

Last issue’s corpse gets a backstory—and it’s humdrum. A Bugle reporter, nosing into a missing-persons case, gets killed by the Green Goblin. The complete lack of a hook to the character is atypical for Bendis. The only clever note is that she’s a Lois Lane manque: Terri Kidder (= Hatcher & Margot).

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