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X-Universe #1 of 2

February 16, 2015

X-Universe 1 of 2Terry Kavanagh // Carlos Pacheco
May 1995

An alternate reality co-opts the X-mags for a quarter, creating an impressive implied backstory. Naturally, readers wonder what’s happened to the rest of the company’s heroes; here’s the answer. Surviving Avengers & FF provide humanitarian aid & defense. And replacing Peter Parker, KIA, is Gwen Stacy! Pacheco has a nice eye for detail & drama, but he can’t clarify a confusing script’s vague stakes.

continued from X-Men: Alpha #1 of 1
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Daredevil #8

August 11, 2014

Daredevil 008Kevin Smith // Joe Quesada
June 1999

Having revitalized DD by resetting it to the Born Again era, Smith writes a lovely denouement. His arc’s main defect has been its high body count; he counters the ’90s machismo w/ honest emotion. There’s a lovely confession/absolution from Spidey, & Black Widow calls Matt out on his misogyny.

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FF #23

January 4, 2014

FF 23Jonathan Hickman // Nick Dragotta
December 2012

In a sense, Hickman’s Four was Mr. F, his dad, & the time-tossed kids. #611 bade goodbye to Reed, Nat, & Val; #23 focuses on Franklin. In this coda, he tutors his child-self in imagination, their superpower. It’s a bit sentimental, but it values creativity over intellect—in comics & in life.

last issue: FF #22
continued in The Fantastic Four #1
continued in FF #1

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FF #22

January 2, 2014

FF 22Jonathan Hickman // André Araújo
November 2012

#22 varies Hickman’s wonky non-linear plotting by recounting the events of #610 from Bentley 23’s standpoint. Bentley, the Wizard’s clone-kid, confronts his “father” (tapping into the run’s father/son themes). Araújo’s superfine line is a different look for this mag, a prettier Dalrymple type of pencil.

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FF #21

December 31, 2013

FF 21Jonathan Hickman // Nick Dragotta
October 2012

The epitome of a Hickman FF issue, w/ smart nonlinear storytelling & epic SF political melodrama. The Kree & Inhumans broker a peace, built upon undoing a space-opera Romeo/Juliet romance! Check how Dragotta not only nails the Kirby costumes, he makes the title team’s b/w costumes look cool!

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The Fantastic Four #609

The Fantastic Four #608

December 28, 2013

Fantastic Four 608Jonathan Hickman // Guiseppe Camuncoli & Karl Kesel
September 2012

I suspect this Wakanda arc should’ve been one issue, like many in Hickman’s run. The tale’s suitable, as Black P faces an oracular cat-god & becomes king of a necropolis, but the payoff’s dispelled by the length. Plus Camunc. & Kesel’s art looks rushed & fails to capture the epic epiphany.

last issue: The Fantastic Four #607
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FF #19

December 27, 2013

FF 19Jonathan Hickman // Gabriel Hernandez Walta
August 2012

FF accompanies the mothership to Wakanda for a safari field trip. The kids make a friend (a Wakandan wünderkind) as they outflank an African tribe of water-thieves w/o resorting to violence. A charming, kid-friendly adventure that’s way too rare in modern Marvel, a bit like classic Power Pack.

last issue: FF #18
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The Fantastic Four #607

The Fantastic Four #607

December 26, 2013

Fantastic Four 607Jonathan Hickman // Guiseppe Camuncoli & Karl Kesel
August 2012

Last ish was post-Vernean SF; #607 (& #608) revisits the mag’s Lost Civ. Wakanda, the home of Black Panther, has been weathering raids from Harryhausen skeletons—footsoldiers in a war w/ the Egyptian God Anubis! Camuncoli’s art (cartoonlike, workmanlike) adds nothing to an ish that’s all set-up.

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