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Captain Marvel #10

March 9, 2016

Captain Marvel 3.10Kelly Sue DeConnick // David López, Marcio Takara, & Laura Braga
February 2015

According to editorial, this is Carol’s 100th solo issue. Ironically she’s off-panel most of the ish, reading about her friends back on Earth. The escapade has the supporting cast (several gals & a token male) vs. a mob of rats! Of the 3 artists, Takara comes off best—but I miss Andrade.

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Captain Marvel #8

March 7, 2016

Captain Marvel 3.08Kelly Sue DeConnick // Marcio Takara
December 2014

One thing this mag does well is show how superstrength is only a partial solution. It also mixes the comedy with the adventure well, setting our hero & a raccoon out to save a cat & kittens (actually nearly extinct aliens). A fun cover too, & I hadn’t noticed the title’s new ’80s SF font!

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Captain Marvel #7

March 6, 2016

Captain Marvel 3.07Kelly Sue DeConnick // Marcio Takara
November 2014

A ‘worst nightmare’ prelude is too grim a cliché for this mag, tho’ it sets the mood for an Alien scenario. The lighthearted twist is that the oviparous monster is Danvers’ pet cat! Takara, subbing for López (already?), seems to enjoy drawing animals (cat, raccoon) but he’s not great at spaceships.

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next issue: Captain Marvel #8

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