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Captain America #619

November 4, 2015

Captain America 619Ed Brubaker // Mitch Breitweiser, Jackson Guice, & Chris Samnee
August 2011

Proving a worse spymaster than Nick Fury, Cap edges back towards status quo ante. Bucky, however, gets a new mission, going rogue to catch KGB sleeper agents. And Black Widow brazenly rescues him from a gulag—behavior that finally proves (to me) that she’s a romantically plausible partner for Bucky.

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Captain America #615.1

October 30, 2015

Captain America 615.1Ed Brubaker // Mitch Breitweiser
May 2011

The strongest single issue of Steve Rogers, Director of SHIELD, delivering superspy adventure w/ high SF concepts. A rookie nearly dies trying to be Captain America; the twist is, he & the real Cap have been set up by Nick Fury. The plot echoes Englehart’s classic run, but its soul is ’60s cool.

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Captain America #600

September 14, 2015

Captain America 600a-plot: Ed Brubaker // Jackson Guice with David Aja, Raphael Albaquerque, Mitch Breitweiser, & Howard Chaykin
b-plot:  Roger Stern // Kalman Andrasofszky
c-plot: Mark Waid // Dale Eaglesham
August 2009
a-plot: ***
b-plot: *****
c-plot: ****

Dubious accounting allows Marvel to claim that #600 follows #50. It checks in w/ all the plots, acting as a friendly prologue to next month’s resurrection. Yep, Sharon Carter suspects that she didn’t gun her BF down after all! Ironically, this ish means to memorialize the hero, but only the strong back-ups succeed. On an Astro City periphery, Stern draws on 9/11 by casting Bernie Rosenthal (his Cap run’s romantic foil) as a refugee from NYC after the hero’s assassination.

continued in Captain America: Reborn #1 of 6
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Drax the Destroyer #4 of 4

January 14, 2014

Drax the Destroyer 4 of 4Keith Giffen // Mitch Breitweiser
February 2006

Fitted w/ hunting knives & a lean purple body, Drax saves an Alaska town from aliens. Well, not really: with no way offworld, the Skrull turns himself in to the intergalactic authorities. Anyhow, no longer a Hulk ripoff & w/ a bratty sidekick, this revamped Drax isn’t all that inspiring.

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Drax the Destroyer #3 of 4

January 13, 2014

Drax the Destroyer 3 of 4Keith Giffen // Mitch Breitweiser
January 2006

Under this crime tale of on-the-run criminals who take over a small town, there’s a cynical whimsy that’s unrelated the the scifi twist. Maybe it’s Giffen’s fondness for his POV char, a punk pre-teen who skips school & treats a lean, mean Drax—resurrected & no longer a grey brute—like he’s a pet dog.

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Drax the Destroyer #2 of 4

January 12, 2014

Drax the Destroyer 2 of 4Keith Giffen // Mitch Breitweiser
December 2005

Brisk scifi w/ a twist: the aliens who enslave a small US town aren’t conquerors, they’re shipwrecked cons on the run. Giffen kills the title char; his protag’s a rotten pre-teen into ultra-violence. The artist has a touch of Cassaday’s expressive faces but can’t stage all the hand-to-hand combat.

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Drax the Destroyer #1 of 4

January 11, 2014

Drax the Destroyer 1 of 4Keith Giffen // Mitch Breitweiser
November 2005

A prison starship crashes in Alaska, stranding a grabbag of alien convicts. No superheroics, just solid scifi—tho’ a muddy palate undercuts Breitweiser’s art. Giffen shows intellect thru dialog & notes the notoriety of Earth’s heroes. The revamp of a minor Starlin heavy links to Giff’s ’04 Thanos arc.

next issue: Drax the Destroyer #2 of 4

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The Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall & the Green Mist of Death #1 of 1

November 29, 2010

Matt Fraction // Nick Dragotta, Russ Heath, Lewis LaRosa, & Mitch Breitweiser
April 2008

With the monthly IF delayed, Fraction fills in with this Orson Randall backstory one-shot. He & a round-robin of artists pay homage to various styles of pop narrative (incl. mid-century horror & cowgirl sexploitation), making for an awfully episodic tale. While Green Mist clarifies the motivations of Prince of Orphans (currently a mystical enigma in the parent mag), it’s finally superfluous.

continued from The Immortal Iron Fist #12
continued in The Immortal Iron Fist #13