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X-Men #41

January 10, 2015

X-Men 041Fabian Nicieza // Andy Kubert & Ron Garney
February 1995

Finale to an X-over that kills off a young Professor X to create an alternate future. Writer Lobdell & editor Harras deserve a story credit for #41, & so does Chris Claremont, who created (a) the Prof-Magneto friendship, (b) Xavier’s son Legion, & (c) the cosmic crystal that threatens the multiverse.

continued from The Uncanny X-Men #321
continued in X-Men: Alpha #1 of 1
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The Uncanny X-Men #321

January 9, 2015

Uncanny X-Men 321Scott Lobdell & Mark Waid // Ron Garney
February 1995

The illegit son of Professor X seduces his mother while psychically disguised as his father! It’s a provocative moment in a routine Terminator-type ’90s X-comic. Lobdell contrasts the arc’s Oedipal theme w/ his beloved Cyclops/Jean Grey/Cable triangle—his namby-pamby notion of a proper X-family.

continued from X-Men #40
continued in X-Men #41
last issue: The Uncanny X-Men #320
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The Fantastic Four #606

December 24, 2013

Fantastic Four 606Jonathan Hickman // Ron Garney
July 2012

The team takes a fantastic journey into the human body to remove a tumor from their mailman. By far the most conventional issue of Hickman’s Four. For one thing, Garney’s formulaic style scants on imagining the strange bodyscape (compare N. Adams’ classic odyssey into the Vision).

last issue: The Fantastic Four #605.1
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The Fantastic Four #605

December 21, 2013

Fantastic Four 605Jonathan Hickman // Ron Garney
June 2012

The Thing’s hide means he ages slowly—a brilliant idea, which Hickman mines for pathos. Reed, via time machine, sees his pal age into loneliness over 5K years, Garney, a pro even in a sloppy era, draws beautiful (albeit conventional) scifi cityscapes & a phenomenal Ben Grimm, incl. rock-beard!

last issue: The Fantastic Four #604
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Captain America #454

October 4, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
August 1996
Last issue for the too-brief run & the mag—or this volume anyhow. Waid rescued Agent 13 from comics limbo; now he fills in her backstory, which incl. a POW stint in a stand-in for Burma. Now she returns to free her fellow captives. Unfortch, she’s been Garney’s weak spot, w/ a horrific J. Lee-style build.
[continued in The Avengers #401]
[last issue: Captain America #453]

Captain America #453

October 3, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney & Pico Rinaldi
July 1996
How can Our Hero reach Camp David from the Balkans quickly so he can stop a cyborg from stealing nuke codes out of Clinton’s hand? He asks a favor from Doom—his second alliance w/ a despot in Waid’s run! Garney does his best work on the series, tho’ it’s undercut by a mediocre associate.
[last issue: Captain America #452]
[next issue: Captain America #454]

Captain America #452

October 2, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
June 1996
I’ve been won over by Waid & Garney’s run, w/ its action inflating into comedic absurdity (think True Lies). This ish, for example, begins w/ Cap skydiving to Agent 13’s rescue! It ends w/ a gee-whiz cliffhanger: a cyborg infiltrates Camp David while the SHIELD helicarrier plummets into Mt. Hood!
[last issue: Captain America #451]
[next issue: Captain America #453]


Captain America #451

October 1, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
May 1996
Waid’s approach to Cap prefigures Brubaker’s: Ludlum spy-fi action-adventure rather than Gruen’s superheroics. And a touch of Hitchcock, as Cap & Agent 13 take trains across Europe’s borders to find Machinesmith, the AI who may’ve stolen top-secret data from Cap’s mind while he lay near death.
[last issue: Captain America #450]
[next issue: Captain America #452]

Captain America #450

September 30, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
April 1996
With crossover kudzu past, Waid/Garney rev their run back up. Rogers has quit playing CA before (more than once!), but this man-on-the-run twist has him fired instead. In the Oval Office, Pres. Clinton reveals that Cap’s the lone suspect in a security breach—and exiles him from the US!
[continued from The Avengers #396]
[last issue: Captain America #449]
[next issue: Captain America #451]

Captain America #449

September 29, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney & Sandu Florea
March 1996
An Avengers crossover throws Garney off his game, leaving his backup Florea to draw rubber faces & tiny Liefeld feet. But Waid’s Cap still thrills. When goons drain the power from Manhattan, the true-blue man-of-action leaps off the Brooklyn Bridge to rescue a downed copter & direct ambulances.
[continued in The Mighty Thor #496]
[last issue: Captain America #448]
[next issue: Captain America #450]

Captain America #448

September 13, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
February 1996
CA, trapped w/in a Cosmic Cube by the Red Skull, runs A. Moore’s “Man Who Has Everything” scenario. Dream-Bucky, speaking as Cap’s subconsciousness, dispels the illusion that demos Waid’s unnuanced approach to Cap (compared w/ Gruenwald’s New Deal hero).  Garney’s art has panache, synthesizing every mid-’90s art tic, from Jim Lee’s rippling physiques to manga-like jawlines, into smooth coherence.
[last issue: Captain America #447]
[next issue: Captain America #449]

Captain America #447

September 12, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney & Mike Manley
January 1996
More running thru a hi-tech base, as the three protags compete to control Kirby’s ultimate deus ex machina, the Comic Cube. The issue does feel padded, esp. w/ several splash pages. But Garney’s clear layouts (finished by Manley) keep the action buzzing, while Waid has set plausibly high stakes.
[last issue: Captain America #446]
[next issue: Captain America #448]

Captain America #446

September 11, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
December 1995
A Cosmic Cube Cult hopes to resurrect Hitler, against the Red Skull’s wishes! Not a bad idea, but most of #446 is formulaic (if well-executed) ’90s supercomics. Cap clenches his jaw to show ethical conflict while his ex-flame, SHIELD Agent Carter, has been made over as a surly mercenary antihero.
[last issue: Captain America #445]
[next issue: Captain America #447]

Captain America #445

September 10, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
November 1995
In a nice parallel scene, an empty coffin is interred at Arlington as medtech rejuvenates the Captain. The save comes via the Red Skull (who’s body is a Cap clone, you’ll recall). The real surprise is his sidekick: the late Sharon Carter! Otherwise, it’s mostly jumpsuited thugs in secret bases.
[last issue: Captain America #444]
[next issue: Captain America #446]

Captain America #444

September 9, 2012

Mark Waid // Ron Garney
October 1995
Waid, already mid-run on a superb Flash for DC, briefly adds this mag to his resumé. His debut ish eulogizes Cap, killed by his own super-serum—or was he? The Avengers honor his courage by announcing his death & fighting terrorists in standard ’90s robo-suits at the Jefferson Memorial.
[last issue: Captain America #443]
[next issue: Captain America #445]